Point One Strategies, LLC

Point One Strategies LLC is a full service governmental relations and lobbying firm. The firm represents several clients on a contractual basis at the State Capitol. These clients cover a broad range of interests including, but not limited to, gaming, utilities, law enforcement, prosecutors, business owners and local government. Point One Strategies LLC works very closely with its clients to determine their needs and how best to strategically meet them. The firm currently has two full time lobbyists employed with professional offices located within walking distance of the State Capitol. The firm's manager is also an attorney which is very helpful to clients in drafting and interpreting proposed legislation. Point One Strategies LLC also offers its services to clients and vendors who do business with state government as well as various local governmental entities. The firm has a solid track record of success working on behalf of its clients.

Trey Bobinger

620 N State St STE 302
Jackson, MS 39202-3305
Office: (601) 948-4880

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