The Talon Group

The Talon Group has focused since 2004 on serving our clients in the arena of government relations and public affairs by offering services for clients who need a message, a strategy and distribution channels in the halls of Mississippi state politics and beyond. Our principals focus on efforts in the following broad categories: government affairs, communications, and issues advocacy. In essence, we influence policy and/or gain public support for corporations or causes through proper messaging and interaction. Our Principals have been on the forefront of highly charged issues by passing legislation, consulting politicians, crafting sensitive messages and coordinating grassroots efforts. Our clients receive unparalleled access to a broad network of business and political decision-makers and an unmatched ability to clearly assess issues and set direction. Various partner's careers have included elected office, serving Presidents, and holding political appointments. Our office location is at 1400 Meadowbrook Road, Suite 100, Jackson, MS 39211 and our number is 601-487-2640. Learn more about our firm at

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