Bodock Strategies

Bodock Strategies is a single-member LLC established in 2023 and owned by Kenny Ellis. As a public policy specialist with expertise in legislative affairs, policy implementation, political negotiation, and strategy, Ellis is highly experienced and effective in relationship building among large groups of public officials and policy stakeholders. Ellis served as Policy Director for Governor Tate Reeves and in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor for eight years prior. During this time, he became well versed in nearly every legislative topic. As Policy Director, he was tasked with installing all newly-appointed agency heads, assessing the efficiency of each agency, and implementing creative solutions to problems such as prison riots, historic flooding and tornadoes, and the Covid-19 Pandemic. With over a decade of experience and success in politics and state government, Ellis now brings invaluable skills and qualities to clients

Kenny Ellis

P.O. Box 773
Flora, MS 39071
Office: (601) 573-4960

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