Adams and Reese

Adams and Reese

Adams and Reese is a multidisciplinary law firm with attorneys and advisors in 16 offices in 15markets strategically located throughout the southern United States and Washington, DC. We provide leadership strategies and proactive solutions by assembling teams of attorneys and advisors to identify and meet the specific needs of our clients. Our Governmental Relations Team works at the federal, state and local levels to advance our clients' goals and interests. Beginning with a clear understanding of the client's needs, our attorneys and lobbyists craft strategies and implement action plans that may involve legislative or executive processes. Our team members are based in Washington DC, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas. While our client base is increasingly national in scope, Adams and Reese remains committed to furthering the economic health of businesses at the state and local level.

Seth Hood

Government Relations Advisor
1018 Highland Colony Parkway
Suite 800
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Office: (601) 292-0739
Cell: (601) 503-0710

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