Mississippi Economic Council

Mississippi Economic Council

The Mississippi Economic Council - The State Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of Mississippi business since 1949. MEC deals with broad issues that relate to businesses through advocacy, research, resources and leadership. MEC has more than 8,500 members from 1,200 member firms in 2,400 locations throughout Mississippi. MEC deals with broad issues that relate to Mississippi businesses. MEC pulls together coalitions to make overall statewide progress, to focus on issues with a bottom line return, and focus on fairness and equity. MEC is building a base of involvement to create a statewide business community.

Scott Waller, IOM

President & CEO
P.O. Box 23276
Jackson, MS 39225-3276
Office: (601) 969-0022
Fax: (601) 353-0247

Jason Word, IOM

Manager, Programs, Administration & Policy
P.O Box 23276
Jackson, MS
Office: (601) 969-4419

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